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Quick Loan Kuala Lumpur & Selangor


Personal Loan | Business Loan 

Quick & Easy Loan

About Us

Lowest Interest Rate

By eliminating middleman and managing our business more effectively, we bring to you the lowest interest rates you have ever encountered.

Personal Secured Loan

You can count on our personal loan packages for quick money when you are running tight on financials.

Fast Loan Approval

It is the fastest and easiest way to borrow money, you could even boost your credit score as you repay.

Simple Application Process

Just get ready the documents required (refer to interest rate info).

Personal Loan

Our personal loan with low interest rate (as low as 1%) is designed to meet your personal financial needs. We offer same day loan approval (based on individual status verification) and cash given to you within 1 working day (with flexible repayment plans). In addition, our loan services accept applicants who are blacklisted by banks or with CTOS status. Our personal loan solutions are to assist you in overcoming your financial difficulties such as mortgage, home improvement, auto finance, education, credit card payments and more. Our loan repayment plan is manageable (and definitely affordable) because we fully understand one’s ability in repaying the loan.

Documents Required

1. Title Deeds
2. Photocopy Identity Card – front & back
3. Address Of The Property (Utilities Bill)
4. Latest Three Months Salaries Slips
5. Latest Three Months bank Statements 6. KWSP Statements (EPF)

Business Loan

Help your business grow

Designed to increase your company’s working capital by providing Fast Cash with low interest rates. Our commercial loans are open to all corporate / commercial business that either need plenty of cash, or to finance existing business loan.

Documents Required

1. A copy Form 24 , Form 44 , Form 49; OR Form SSM
2. Photocopy of Identity Card – front & back
3. A copy of 6 month bank statement (Company) & (Director)
4. Latest electricity & water bil

Collateral Loan

A collateral loan is a loan secured by some asset you own. You promise to hand the asset over to the lender if you cannot repay the loan as agreed. By using a collateral loan, the lender takes less risk, and it may be easier for you to get funding.

How does applying for a collateral loan work?

The value of your collateral will first be assessed. Once the rates are agreeable with both parties, the amount will be paid in cash immediately, along with a receipt for reference.

Type of properties we accept

Terrace House
Town House
Vacant Land

Documents Required
Sales & Purchase Agreement
Land lease, land tax, property valuation
Housing Loan Letter of Offer
Housing Loan Account of Statement

Interest Rates

Interest Rate: Fixed rate from 8% – 12% APR and payment options range from 1 month to 60 months.

Minimun Repayment: 6 months, Maximum Repayment 60 months.

Representative Example: Amount of credit RM 5000 borrowed for 180 days. Interest: RM 448. Total amount payable: RM 5448

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